Our Services

Security and door services for buildings, facilities, festivals, bars, restaurants, special events and concerts with all state and local required documentation and certifications.


What Gate Keeper Support Services, LLC offers

  • Greeting Patrons and Giving Directions
  • Ticket Taking
  • Ticket Count Summation Reports
  • Elevator Operators
  • Line Control Setup
  • I.D. Verification
  • Guest Count

Door Support

Event Security Services

  • Patron Search / Bag Check
  • Metal Detector Search
  • Credential Checks
  • Equipment Security
  • Stage & Backstage Security
  • Field or Court Perimeter Security
  • Guard Entrances
    Guard entrances to screen guests and employees and to restrict unauthorized persons.
  • Protect Client’s Assets
    Protect client’s assets, employees, residents, and guests by deterring crime with a visual presence and providing theft protection.
  • Property Patrol
    Surveillance over sites, special events, and festivals during load-in, load-out and closed hours. 
  • Restricted Items Search
    Restricted items search and removal of unwanted guests or trespassers.
  • Policy Enforcement
    Enforcement of property and client policies.
  • Incident Reporting
    Incident reporting, security audits, and recommendations for security plans.
  • Emergency Situation Assistance
    Organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergencies. Liaison with police and city emergency responders.
  • Security Detail
    Entertainment detail security and personal security.

Security Guard Services